Progressive Music Instrument Rental Terms & Conditions

    Four Month Trial 
Period Fee 
 Monthly Fee
(after Four Month Trial)
Group I: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Snare Drum, Percussion Kit, Violin, Viola $24.99 $20.00
Group II: Oboe, Alto Saxophone $63.99 $40.00
Group III: Cello $74.99 $40.00
Group IV: Tenor Saxophone, French Horn $104.99 $50.00


• Contracts submitted via will be charged monthly using the credit/debit card provided.

• Rental instruments will be delivered on a date agreed upon between the Music Teacher & Progressive Music. Rental contracts received after that date will either be delivered to the school as soon as possible or shipped via FedEx.

• Normal wear & tear repairs made—no charge. If necessary, another instrument will be provided. Damage caused by accident, neglect, abuse, or carelessness will be charged.

It is your responsibility to notify Progressive Music if your child quits and you wish to return the instrument. This contract is between you and Progressive Music— NOT the teacher or the school. Once YOU notify Progressive Music, and return the instrument, no further rental fees will be due.

• Payments must be made year-round, INCLUDING the summer months, in order to keep your contract current and active.

• A $5.00 late fee will be assessed to all payments received after the monthly payment due date.

Terms and Conditions


  1. The customer may accrue 100% of the monthly lease payments for up to 36 months as a discount on the purchase of a NEW, NATIONALLY ADVERTISED INSTRUMENT OUTFIT AT THE MANUFACTURER’S CURRENT LIST PRICE at time of purchase. This discount amount can be applied at any time. However, once the leased instrument is returned to Progressive Music, the discount credit may no longer be applied. The lease portion of this contract is considered closed upon return of the leased instrument. CREDIT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE.

  2. The customer may continue to lease this instrument on a month-to-month basis. If a new insturment is not purchased at or before the 36 month point, monthly lease payments will continue to be due but will not apply as a discount on the purchase of a new instrument.

  3. Lease Fees may only be applied to the purchase of new instruments within the rental program, no other services. If the rental instrument is returned and a new instrument is not purchased, all lease payments will be considered rent paid for use of the instrument.

  4. THE INSTRUMENT MAY BE RETURNED AT ANY TIME WITH NO PENALTY OR FURTHER OBLIGATION. However, the lessee is responsible for any and all lease payments up to the date of returned instrument.

  5. The lessee is fully responsible for the return of the instrument to PROGRESSIVE MUSIC, and responsibility does not cease until the instrument is received by PROGRESSIVE MUSIC. The lessee is responsible for any outstanding balance, collection fees and legal fees.

  6. The customer shall be in default under this agreement if there is a failure to pay the lease payments when they are due or if there is a failure to perform any other obligations mentioned in this contract.

  7. The customer shall be in default under this agreement if there is a failure to return the instrument to PROGRESSIVE MUSIC within ten (10) days following the due date of an unpaid payment.

  8. The monthly payment due date will be determined upon approval of this agreement.

  9. A $5.00 LATE FEE will be assessed monthly for payments received after due date.

  10. Lessee does not acquire any security in the leased instrument regardless of the amount of lease fees paid. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

  11. In the event the undersigned shall move from the address provided, PROGRESSIVE MUSIC must be notified and shall have the right to cancel the agreement.

  12. All applications are subject to Credit Check approval.


  14. Progressive Music agrees to adjust and repair as necessary to keep the instrument in proper playing condition with no further charge. The customer is responsible for the cost of a lost instrument, an instrument damagedbeyond repair, intentional damage, negligence, restoration of finish, replacement of expendable accessories or general cleaning. All repairs under this agreement must be performed in the Progressive Music repair department or a repair facility authorized by Progressive Music. FAILURE TO KEEP PAYMENTS CURRENT WILL CAUSE THIS RIGHT TO BE FORFEITED.

  15. This contract is subject to the laws of Pennsylvania. Parties agree that venue for any legal proceeding shall be in the City of McKeesport, Allegheny County of Pennsylvania.

  16. In addition to the costs outlined above, lessee agrees that in the event of breach of this contract, Progressive Music will charge lessee additional fees for time, travel expenses and litigation fees necessary to enforce this contract.

  17. This contract is not binding until approved by Progressive Music. The approval will be determined at the officesof Progressive Music in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Lessee understands jurisdiction of any claims regarding breach of this contract will be in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

  18. By providing an email address above, the customer agrees to receive email correspondence from Progressive Music including an email newsletter.

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