Here is some very important information to know if you are leasing or about to lease a musical instrument from Progressive Music

After reviewing the information below, you can proceed through our online rental contract application at the bottom of the page.

Instruments available for lease are: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, snare drum, percussion kit, violin, viola, oboe, alto saxophone, cello, tenor saxophone and french horn. ALL of the monthly lease fee is applied towards the purchase price of a new instrument. There is no built-in interest.

Monthly Rental Fee:
Group I: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Snare Drum, Percussion Kit, Violin, Viola $20.00
Group II: Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Cello  $40.00
Group III: Tenor Saxophone, French Horn $50.00

A $2.00 late fee will be assessed to all payments received after the monthly due date. For your convenience, automatic credit card payments are part of the online rental contract.

Some Benefits of Automatic Credit Card Payments:

  1. Automatically keeps your contract current
  2. Proof of payment with every monthly credit card statement
  3. Saves time and postage

Contract is open-ended. Parents may lease until enough money has been accumulated to purchase a NEW instrument, at the current retail price, at the time of purchase. This usually takes 4-5 years.

Normal wear and tear repairs are made at no charge. If necessary, another instrument will be provided. Damage caused by accident, neglect, abuse, or carelessness will be charged.

It is your responsibility to notify Progressive Music if your child quits and you wish to return the instrument. This contract is between you and Progressive Music -- NOT the teacher or the school. Once you notify Progressive Music, and return the instrument, no further rental fees will accumulate.

Payments must be made year-round, INCLUDING the summer months, in order to keep your contract current and active.

Customers only accumulate credit when account is kept current.

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You may rent an instrument online below.  However, if you would prefer to download a contract and mail it in, you can download a PDF of our lease contract here

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